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Repair, Restoration, and Reviews of highly collectible vintage toys from the 70's - 90's.  

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What's it all about?

Toy Tinker Tim is about restoration and reviews of highly collectible vintage toys from the 70's - 90's.

Whether you're bringing new life back to an old childhood toy, or starting a new hobby collecting vintage toys, or even investing by building a solid collection of vintage toys  then you've found the right place.

My Approach To Toy Repairs

  • It shouldn’t distract from the original visual appearance (draw your eye to the repair at first glance)

  • The repair shouldn’t drastically alter the original build of the toy (cutting off bits and pieces of a toy for a 'quick' repair).

Why collect vintage toys?

  • It's a international community, that connects people of all walks of life with a common element that often hold deep emotional bonds.

Benefits of Repair and Restoration of Vintage Toys

  • Taking vintage toys that would be discarded because they are worn or broken, and making them functional again, and adding value.

  • Creating an affordable alternative for collectors to purchase less than perfect or ideal items, and making them displayable pieces in their collections.

  • Follows the “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle” process of keeping toys out of landfills and putting them into the hands of collector’s present and future who will display and trade their hobby.

  • Restoring vintage toys allows collectors to own a cherished item at an affordable price, and then bring it up to a finer appearance and possible value.


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